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[PATCH] COUNTER-STRIKE: Condition Zero 1.2 ...

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Posté 04 juin 2004 - 11:58


Les quelques couillons qui ont acheté CS : Condition Zero seront sûrement ravis d'apprendre que le patch 1.2 est disponible via Steam. La plus importante des nouveautés est la nouvelle IA des otages dont nous vous parlions il y a quelques jours.

Source: www.nofrag.com

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CS:CZ 1.2 Released   6.2.2004

The official 1.2 update for CS:CZ has been released, and all other Steam games have been updated. Steam will update itself automatically when you restart. Here is a list of the changes:

Added new hostage models and animations

Added new hostage behaviors and dialogue

Added SPETSNAZ and Militia player models

Added crosshair customization (color, size, opacity)  

Added player location system

Added exponential fog in OpenGL

Added in-game vgui progress bar for nav mesh analysis

Added de_sienna_cz

Added de_vostok_cz


Upgraded de_inferno_cz

Upgraded deagle view texture

Updated cs_italy_cz with 32 spawns

Upgraded weapon UI images

Tweaked glock and USP sounds

Tweaked snow walking sound

Corpses fade out with cl_corpse_stay

Grenades are dropped on death

Improved player turning right hitbox behavior

Improved shield behavior

Improved brass ejection behavior

Bots can use silencer on m4a1

Improved bot_auto_vacate behavior with spectators

Career tasks are reset on mp_restartround

Improved tutor behavior

hud_draw 0 doesn't remove blackout

Scope blackout drawn in software mode

Flashlight sound no longer masks weapon firing sounds

Improved text behavior in top-right corner of observer mode

Round timer doesn't re-appear until the round restarts when the bomb is defused or explodes

Improved player model hands


Added refresh login dialogue for invalid login sessions (Invalid UserID ticket message)

History area in game console no longer gets key focus

Source: www.counter-strike.net

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