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[MOD] Fusion Pack

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Posté 09 août 2004 - 22:02


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From the makers of the popular replacement pack for Counter-Strike comes a brand new pack for Call of Duty - Activision’s WWII themed shooter title. Fusion Pack CoD introduces new visual and audio effects to the game, whilst keeping with the realistic WWII theme that the original Call of Duty game provides. Fusion Pack CoD merely aims to enhance upon the visual and audio style seen through-out the game, to provide gamers with a fresh new gameplay experience. This version of the pack includes higher-res model textures, a new US Airborne skin set, new sounds, gameplay effects, one new map, new console graphics and more! Fusion Pack CoD adds replacements to both the single player and multiplayer aspects of the game. In order to play this pack online users must either join Games Fusion’s dedicated Call of Duty servers, or join servers that do not prohibit the use of custom replacements (none pure servers).

Changes and New additions:  

• added new blood effects  
• added gloves to hands  
• added new Colt45 Pistol  
• added new M1 Carbine Skin  
• added new M1 Garand Skin  
• added new German Officer Skin  
• added new US Airborne Skin Set  
• added new Rocket Skin  
• added new BAR Skin  
• added new MP40 Skin  
• added new MG42 Skin  
• added new FG52 Skin  
• added new K98 Skin  
• added new British Grenade  
• added new German Lugar  
• added new KAR98 Rifle Skin  
• added new Thompson Skin  
• added new German Grenade  
• added new weapon sounds  
• added new map St. Peterburg Seaport  
• added new loading screen  
• added new multiplayer menu screen


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