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Posté 16 juillet 2004 - 15:33

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Readme File:
Installation: Run the installer and you should be A-OK!
Features of BUSHWAR 0.2:
Have a look at the Development Updates section of our forum for the most recent updates.

->South-African Defence Force
->Cuban Army

->Cuban and South-African kits are the same.
-Assault Soldier
-Heavy Assault Soldier
-Mine Layer
-Mortar Soldier
-Anti-Tank Soldier

Olifant tank, Eland 90 light Tank, Casspir mine resistant vehicle, LandRover scout car, G6 Howitzer and the Mirage F1CZ fighter plane with V3B air to air missiles.
->Cuban Army:
T55 tank, PT76 amphibious tank, BTR60 troop transporter, UAZ scout car, BM21 rocket launching vehicle, M46 Artillery the Mig-17 with FAB250 bombs or Rockets and the MiG-21 fighter plane with air to air missiles or with 4 FAB250 bombs.

Automatic R1 assault rifle, semi-automatic R1 assault rifle, R1 rifle with scope, R4 assault rifle, RPG7 rocket launcher, 81mm mortar, the TM62 anti-tank mine and other weapons from Battlefield Vietnam.

->Cuban Army:
AK47 assault rifle, AKMS rifle, RPG7 rocket launcher, 24mm mortar and other weapons from Battlefield Vietnam.

->BUSHWAR map: Benguela Airport (has bot support)
->All Battlefield Vietnam maps are supported.

->Modifications to many Battlefield Vietnam weapons and vehicles, with the aim of making them more
-Airplane bombs don't reload.
-The BM21, Mi-8 and Mig-17 can fire salvos of rockets instead of just one at a time.
-The music played in the LandRover and UAZ plays on while there is nobody in the car.
-The deviation of the AK47, AK47MS and RPD has been modified.
-The RPD and M60 are deployed, so it looks realistic when firing while lying.
->A realistic damage system.
->Many new textures for Soldiers, Flags and other objects.
->Third person view for soldiers.
->The Battlefield Vietnam Music in mp3 format, so you can listen to it while driving your favourite
->Background movie telling the BUSHWAR story.


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