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[MOD] Silent Heroes 0.35

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Posté 16 juillet 2004 - 14:24

Un autre mod assez sympa


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Readme File:
Silentheroes 0.35

Major Changes:
- 4 new maps - Engerdal, Rennesoy Island, Dalen, Tallskogen.
- New vehicles (Gepard, IFAV, TGB20), helicopters (Eurocopter Tiger, HKP16), boat (Strb90E), buildings, items and effects.
- Vehicle-specific sights without any quality-loss on low-end computers. [Unique]
- New Vehicle HUD. Now indicates the damagelevel in text and acctually shows you from what direction the vehicle recieves damage. [Unique]
- New animated HUD for Medic, Engineer and Art-calls. [Unique]
- AHELIs have fully functional radar-decoys. [Unique]
- All MBTs now acts 'heavier' when going over objects and terrain.

Small Changes:
- New particle-effect used in explosions and projectile-hits. [Unique]
- When loading maps small animated clips are played. [Unique]
- New effects for several impacts and All effects tweaked.
- New fire-sounds to all MBTs and some handguns.
- Colmeshes for all vehicles tweaked further and corrected.
- Several handguns behaivor when firing tweaked.
- All helicopters physics rewritten and improved - to compensate for autorotor-lift when falling.
- AHELIs rockets and TOWs are much faster now.
- Winter-textures for more vehicles.
- Sniperflags are more easily removed now by grenades and won't get stuck indefinitly in an level anymore.
- Engineer and Medic much more effective now.
- All MBTs gunners now has secondary viewpoint - from inside the barrels.
- All light vehicles can take slopes and hills better then before.
- NM142 TOW now has much more stabile flight, less fuel and an animated HUD. [Unique]

- Fixed: HKP9 cam-issue for passanger2.
- Fixed: Entry-radius for tgb5, tgb5N and IFAV slightly increased.
- Added: Winter-texture to CV-tracks.
- Added: A whole bunch of new minimap-icons.
- Fixed: Damagetables for helis vs objects tweaked.
- Fixed: Placement for aux-ksp on Leo1.
- Fixed: Soundsscript-issues for NM142 and AMOS cleared out.
- Fixed: Soldier spawnpoints on map Aberdeen.
- Fixed: Wreck-texture on Leo1s wreck-parts.
- Fixed: HKP9 flight-fysics and characteristiscs slightly tweaked.
- Fixed: The fog on map Narvik corrected.
- Fixed: Glock and MK23 deviance when prone tweaked.
- Fixed: Tweaked fire- and trailing-shoot-effects for Gepard.
- Fixed: Tweaked fire-effect for cv9030/9040.
- Fixed: NM142-model lods updated.
- Fixed: AK5M203_simpel-model updated.
- Fixed: Leo1-wheel models and texture updated.
- Fixed: NM142-backwheel model fixed.
- Fixed: Kiosk model and simpelmodel updated.
- Fixed: HKP16 rotor- and blur-model updated.
- Fixed: More ammo-icons added.
- Fixed: Map Tallskogen updated.
- Fixed: Maps Rennesoy Island, Lingonstigen, Myren, Narvik and Dalen got script-updates.
- Fixed: Ladder and parts on Strb90E rewritten.
- Fixed: New models and texture for Fiskehus.


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