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[PATCH] C&C Zero Hour : Patch 1.02 French

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Posté 08 juillet 2004 - 22:30


Version 1.02 - December, 2003

1. MISSING PARTICLE EFFECTS - Fixed instances of missing particle effects during certain explosions.


Version 1.01 - December, 2003

Issues addressed:

• Death Valley
• Forgotten Forest
• Hostile Dawn
• Iron Dragon
• Mountain Fox
• North America
• Red Rock
• Seaside Mutiny
• Dogs of War
• Manic Aggression
• Floodplains
• The Frontline

2. TUNNEL NETWORK SPEED - Reduced the build time of GLA Tunnel Networks to match that of Generals.

3. IMPROVED ONLINE STATS - Made improvements to the code that tracks statistics for multiplayer ranks and battle honors in Generals Online.

4. NEW COMMAND LINE PARAMETERS - Added "-quickstart" and "-mod" command line parameters to the Zero Hour executable.

5. BALANCE FIXES - Addressed balance issues for Jarmen Kell, the Pathfinder, and the Alpha Aurora Bomber.

6. DISAPPEARING SUPPLY DOCKS - Fixed an issue that caused supply docks to disappear during certain skirmish and LAN games.

7. CHINA HACKER FIX - Addressed an issue that caused Hackers located inside an Internet Center to stop hacking indefinitely after the structure is attacked by a Microwave Tank. Hackers now resume hacking after the Microwave Tank has stopped.

8. ADJUSTED CHAT SOUND EFFECT - Tweaked the audio cue for the communicator to only alert users to an incoming chat message. The audio cue will no longer sound for any non-chat related messages.

9. TEXT FIXES - Fixed text errors for the US Intelligence tooltip. It now correctly displays a five-minute recharge time, instead of two minutes. Also fixed text errors in the tooltips for the USA Drone Armor upgrade and China Nuclear Tank upgrades.

10. CRASH BUGS - Addressed bugs that caused the game to crash if you drop a bunker buster on garrisoned Tunnel Networks; and if you attempt to garrison the castle in mission GLA05 with any more than 14 units.

11. BLACK LOTUS EXPLOIT - Fixed an issue that caused Black Lotus to capture buildings as she is moving.

12. GLA BUILDING DESTRUCTION - Units now no longer have to be given three separate orders to completely destroy a single GLA structure.

13. GATTLING WEAPONS FIX - All Gattling weapons can no longer be made to fire through structures by force-firing.

14. STEALTH UNITS - Fixed an issue that caused certain stealth units to appear on an enemy's radar occasionally.

15. GENERALS CHALLENGE DIFFICULTY - The Generals Challenge campaign will no longer reset its difficulty when restarting a new campaign with one already in progress.

16. NUKE GENERAL MAP FIX - Addressed an issue that caused the Nuke General AI to build multiple Nuke Silos on top of each other


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