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Readme File:
A total conversion mod for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 1.11


Modern Warfare is a Modern Total Conversion Modification for Medal Of Honor Allied Assault. Modern Warfare was designed with a main goal of bringing the present day modern warfare weapons and a modern atmosphere with the Mohaa feel and game play. Designed by modders from the Mohaa community, Modern Warfare promises to deliver the same heart stopping action with the added effects of the modern battlefield. Designed a few weeks before "Operation Iraqi Freedom" gamers will have an opportunity to use similar weapons and fight similar enemies as soldiers in the Iraq War.

The modification will include over 6 multiplayer maps from the dry Iraqi deserts to city streets in Florida allowing Mohaa fans to cruse around in Black Hawk Helicopter from the US army fully fireable and manoeuvrable. All new weapons from the grenade to bazooka, over 30 player skins and redesigned HUD and menus. The game will be heavily modified from each detail and will be clocked out with FPS to ensure quality gaming.

Although the Medal Of Honor Software Development Kit (SDK) was never released and software was limited, the team from Modern Warfare has found it possible to include new reloads, weapon models, player models and also driveable vehicles. The first release of Modern Warfare will not include single player maps as the team decided.

Although Mohaa has begun to lose interest in its players as noticed in the community, Modern Warfare may or may not have an effect. The amount of cheating and "hacking" in Mohaa will never go away, but Modern Warfare is working as best they can to prevent or stop it from reaching the mod.

We have all looked forward to the day this mod would be released and we hope you enjoy playing it every second as much as we enjoyed making it.

Modern Warfare Mod Team


First make sure you remove any older mods you have installed. You can do this simply by browsing to your mohaamain folder and move all .pk3 files except pak0.pk3 up to pak6.pk3 to a different folder. Then open the modern-warfare-final.zip with WinZip or a similar program and click 'extract'. Browse to your mohaamain folder. Choose 'All Files' and make sure 'Use Folder Names' is selected. That's all, start mohaa and you're good to go!


Should you decide to uninstall this total conversion, then simply remove the file user-modernwarfare00.pk3 from your mohaamain folder and also remove the folder mohaamainsoundmodernwarfare, completely.


Black Hawk Helicopter Controls
- Turn Left: Hold "Shift" and press "A" (walk left)
- Turn Right: Hold "Shift" and press "D" (walk right)
- Lean Left: Hold "A" (run left)
- Lean Right: Hold "D" (run right)
- Move Backwards: Hold "S" (run backwards)
- Move Forward: Hold "W" (run forward)
- Gain Altitude: "Hold "Spacebar" (jump)
- Drop Altitude: "Hold "Crtl" (crouch)

Allied Controls

M16A2 m203

- Use your right mouse button to swap through 4 fire modes. Use your left mouse button to fire.
- 2 m203 Grenades
- Fully Automatic Fire
- Burst Fire 3 Rounds per mouse click
- Semi Automatic Fire


- Flashlight - Click your right mouse button to toggle the flashlight on and off.


- Scope - Click your right mouse button to toggle the 4x scope.

Axis Controls

AK47 GP60

- Click your right mouse to launch a gas grenade. Stand well back :)

Misc Controls

- To drive the forklift in the objective Dock map simply hop on and you're going for a ride.

Special Configuration Cvars

Modern-Warfare contains a number of variables that can be set on a server to influence gameplay and balancing. Any of the following can be set in a server .cfg file, via the 'set' command on the server console or via 'rcon set'.

The following cvars are available:

mw_noheli (default 0)
If set to 1 there will not be a flyable heli in the dm/mw_miamiheat map.

mw_helirocketmode (default 0)
This cvar controls the rockets on the heli in the dm/mw_miamiheat map.

You can set it to any of the following values:
-1: do not use any rockets at all
0: heli has guided rockets
1: heli rockets can be steered by the pilot by looking at the target
2: heli uses unguided rockets

mw_hi_quality_spotlights (default 0)
When set to 1 increases the number of dynamic lights used for the spotlight on the mp5 submachine gun. Only use when there are few players and plenty of network available, for example for LAN games.

mw_m16_nades (default 2)
Controls the number of M203 Fragmentation grenades available for players who selected the M16 assault rifle.

mw_ak47_nades (default 2)
Sets the number of low velocity grenades for the axis ak-47 assault rifle. Grenade type will be poisonous gas in DM/TDM matches and fragmentation in objective games.

Weapon limiting cvars
The following cvars can be used to forbid the use of certain weapons (like shotguns and rocket launchers) on your server. When set to 1 players won't be able to use the corresponding weapons anymore. The following cvars are available, all default to 0:


If a player has selected a disallowed weapon he will be assigned an alternative weapon at spawn.



Double U President/Founder, Sound Tech, Misc Skinning, Advertising and Site Admin
jv_map Vice President, Scripting, Mapping, Exporting (Models, Anims)
S.C. Mapping, Modelling and Textures
Zach Mapping
Random Skins, Menus
Mainframe Modelling, Skinning and Music
Redrum Modelling
Montalavor Player Skinning
Oldmanfunk Player Skinning
TWE-Ryan Player Skinning
Xpdude Graphic Art
Zeke Installer

Special Thanks

RedCell Studios Webspace, servers, mirrors(Sponsor)
MtHoodHosting Webspace and Mirrors (Sponsor)
Sgt.Kia Donated Player Skins
Allied Assault.com Advertising and Community
ModTheater Advertising and Community
EA Games Allowing us to Create Mod
Ranny Man Graphic Art
Psykotic Chicken Model Help
Clan Templates Website Template
Spiers/Ace Inspiration
Gamestar Ambient Sounds


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